Suddenly there is a new consumer mobile operator: Belgian-Romanian union challenges big names.

DIGI will be the new full-fledged consumer mobile telecom operator in our country. This appears after the auction of Belgium's 5G frequencies. The company is a surprising partnership between Belgian telecom specialist Citymesh and Romanian Digi Communications.

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Telecom operator DIGI wants to enter the market with "prices never seen before in Belgium." That is what DIGI Belgium's top executive, Jeroen Degadt, said Thursday at the official opening of its new headquarters in Brussels. DIGI Belgium is a joint venture between Belgium's Citymesh, which offers telecom services to companies, and Romanian telecom group DIGI, which already operates in four European countries (in addition to Romania, Spain, Portugal and Italy) with a total of 24 million customers. Next summer, the operator will launch its offer in which it aims to "combine fair prices with a reliable network and quality customer service."

Brussels - The ball is in the court, Jeroen Degadt will become the General Manager of telecom operator DIGI Belgium. After previous successful launches in Romania, Italy, Spain and Portugal, Jeroen will lead the Belgian expansion. And he could use some help with that. In the coming months, there will be more than 100 vacancies at DIGI Belgium. All the more reason to get inside Jeroen's head.